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Neurotoxins, comparison, and quick overview 

What are Neurotoxins and how do they work? 

 Neurotoxins are chemicals that kill nerve tissue. They prevent neurons from using synapses to convey signals. A person exposed to neurotoxins loses control of their body's functions and may even pass away. Humans are highly vulnerable to neurotoxins in high quantities. Alcohol is the neurotoxin that is most commonly utilised. Neurotoxins can, however, be beneficial when used in moderation. For instance, a micro-dose of neurotoxin can reduce migraine and relax muscle spasms. Botulotoxin is used in micro-doses in the beauty business. People develop wrinkles as they get older, especially on the moving portions of the face like the area around the outside corner of the eyes and above and between the eyebrows. Under skin injections of botulotoxin paralyse the facial muscles; they stop moving, the wrinkles get smoother, and the face looks younger.

What do different wrinkle relaxers have in common?

 On the market, there are numerous well-known brands of wrinkle relaxers. They come from a variety of producers and countries of origin. Botulotoxin, however, is the same active component used in all. this means that the active ingredient has an identical effect on the muscles and nerves. With a few minor exceptions, all wrinkle relaxers have comparable primary effects and side effects.

Are all Neurotoxins administered via the same procedure? 

 The injection of all BTX neurotoxins is the same. The subdermal muscles of your face are injected with tiny dosages (units) of a drug using a delicate, thin, and short needle. The practitioner giving the injections should take great care to avoid contacting any small blood vessels because doing so can cause bruising. The entire face should not be treated in a single session since the botulotoxin dose can be hazardous. The face has to be separated into zones as a result, and it is advised to work on each zone separately while taking breaks in between. Up to 50 units may be required for one treatment (and injections). The zone and the brand will determine how many units should be administered. For instance,  Dysport needs more units because it is more diluted.

What different kinds of Botulinum toxins are there?

The same neurotoxin created by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum is used in all cosmetic injectable medications. However, this botulinum comes in a variety of forms. Commercial usage of Varieties A and B is permitted, and different producers offer varying types of them.

Botox - ONAbotulinumtoxin A

The botox brand uses the type of botulotoxin that has received the most attention. In addition to being utilized in cosmetic cosmetology, ONAbotulinumtoxin A is also used to treat migraines and chronic pain. Researchers are also looking into the possibilities of treating overactive bladder using ONAbotulinumtoxin A.

Xeomin - INCObotulinumtoxin A

 An alternative to ONAbotulinumtoxin A (Botox) and ABObotulinumtoxin A is INCObotulinumtoxin A. (Dysport). The same effectiveness of BTX is present in this form, which can also be used to treat migraines and chronic pain in addition to cosmetic objectives.

Jeuveau - PRAbotulinumtoxin A

 The Korean company Jeuveau uses PRAbotulinumtoxin A, a kind of botulotoxin similar to the ones described above, its primary function is to serve as a muscle relaxant, and it can be used for the same therapies. Therefore, it shares the same basic side effects as its rivals currently in commercial use.

What are the benefits of Neurotoxins and how long do they last? 


 The first product on the market for wrinkle relaxers was Botox. As a result, it is the most well-known and widely used botulotoxin medication, particularly in the US. Botox's ability to temporarily paralyse tiny facial muscles makes it useful for treating deep creases. The effect takes a few days to become apparent; in most circumstances, a week is sufficient. Botox is a fantastic treatment for wrinkles since it works immediately. The results of Botox treatments can endure for three to four months. In addition to that, Botox can also be used for treating migraines, neck pain, overactive bladder, excessive perspiration, and other afflictions.


 The modern generation's top wrinkle relaxer is called Xeomin. Several products, including Botox and Dysport, have incorporated protein among their constituents. When the body makes antibodies against the botulotoxin, it lessens the effect and may also lead to an allergic reaction or the development of resistance. When patients stop responding to botox that’s when Xeomin comes in handy. The likelihood of developing an allergy or resistance to Xeomin is quite low.

 Xeomin is frequently used for glabellar lines and it is particularly efficient for moderate to severe wrinkles. Additionally, Xeomin is a powerful remedy for muscle spasms. This period can differ per person because the effects of Xeomin continue for 3–4 months, the same amount of time as Botox. According to some patients, Xeomin's effects last less time on them than those of Botox and Dysport.


Initially, Dysport was introduced to the cosmetics industry as the Botox of Europe. But now that it has FDA approval, it faces off against Botox in the American market. Compared to Botox or Xeomin, Dysport contains less botulotoxin. It indicates that more units must be administered to the patient for a procedure to be effective. However, this feature enables one technique to cover a huge area.

Dysport can be a treatment of choice for those who no longer experience the effects of Botox. The effects of Dysport often take 2-3 days to become noticeable and last for the same 3–4 months. The cost of the treatment will be almost the same. Dysport is less expensive per unit but there are more of them administered.


The Botulotoxin medication Jeuveau is from South Korea. Despite it being only recently debuted, it swiftly gained market share.
Since this premium wrinkle relaxant costs 20–30% less than Botox, it is exceedingly well-liked. Jeuveau's effects can endure for several weeks to months before fading away, although it is not advised to repeat the treatment until three months have passed after the last procedure.

What are the side effects of the most popular Neurotoxin based drugs?

 The majority of modern neurotoxins are high-quality compounds without any negative side effects. The body can still react to the injection because they are still technically poisons. Only use trustworthy medical professionals for the sessions to reduce the chance of negative effects.

Side effects of the injection are possible however minor. A majority of the time, there is no need to worry about the minor side effects because they fade away in few days. To prevent the worst side effects, your therapist should control the severe reactions (if any), which can be an issue if not handled correctly and safely.

Botox side effect list

Botox has the most side effects that have been officially reported and the longest history of use. The majority of them, though, are common to all neurotoxins. They include flu-like symptoms, soreness in the muscles, heavy eyelids, headaches, and more.
Of course, the reaction is also a possibility. The most frequent side effects are localized discomfort and skin redness. Some people also experience bruising, however, this is a small side effect from the needle injection. In any case, the bruises will go away on their own in no time.

Xeomin side effect list

 Local side effects of this drug, such as skin reactivity, and soreness at the injection site are also possible. However, it is occasionally possible to experience consequences such as neck pain, headaches, dry eyes, stuffy nose, and others.

Dysport side effect list

 The majority of Dysport's adverse effects resemble the flu or another respiratory infection in patients. The list covers various flu symptoms as well as throat and nose pain, upper respiratory tract inflammation, runny nose, nausea, and headache.

The injection site may also have skin reactions such as redness, discomfort, and others. These side effects are typical, but to prevent the worst, always consult with your physician.

Jeuveau side effect list

 The negative effects of Jeuveau are identical to those of other neurotoxins. Stuffy nose, throat soreness, sagging eyelids, dry eyes, muscle ache, and all other symptoms. Skin reactions and discomfort at the injection site are also possible.

Sometimes medical professionals see elevated white blood cell counts, but this is usually a response to the inflammatory processes that neurotoxins have triggered.

How expensive are neurotoxin treatments? 

Neurotoxin treatments vary in price. The major brands are still quite affordable.

Botox commercial price

Botox injections start at $10 per unit, but in major cities, expect to pay $20 to $25. Accordingly, the price of the session for one zone ranges from $500 to $320 and can go as high as $3000.

Xeomin commercial price 

 Xeomin was initially priced between $8 and $18 per unit in the US, however, the cost has since increased. Xeomin is, however, a little less expensive than Botox. Depending on the number of zones, the operation can cost $250 to $3000.

Dyspot commercial price

 Compared to other BTX devices, the cost per Dysport unit is less; it starts at $3. However, because more Dysport units are needed for the treatment than for other brands, the price per procedure is virtually the same. Numerous clinics estimate that the cost per zone is $400 or more.

Jeuveau commercial price

 The process costs $300, with a starting price per unit of $8. It is impossible to determine an average price in a world where prices are always fluctuating. It depends on the plastic surgeon's credentials, practice setting, and location. However, if the salon offers both kinds, simply compare the costs since Jeuveau should be 20–30% less expensive than Botox.

Botulinum toxin injections are a common operation that diminishes the appearance of fake wrinkles, makes the face look younger, and boosts self-confidence. Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau are the most often used injection medications. Although there are some subtle differences, these drugs are all very similar.

Dysport is regarded as having the lowest BTX concentration per unit and is the most diluted. It is therefore less expensive than its rivals, but more units are needed to achieve the same result. The purest version, Xeomin, results in reduced development of antibodies and resistance. Only because of the lengthier period does Botox have the oldest medical history and the greatest number of side effect incidences.

Consult your dermatologist before injecting any of these medications. Medical experts can advise you on the best course of action.

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