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Perlane Lidocaine 1 ml

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Brand: Perlane
Strength: 1 ml
Manufacturer: Galderma Q-Med
Available: yes

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NOTE: PERLANE has been discontinued by Galderma, 
It's been substituted by RESTYLANE LFYT.


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Buy Perlane Lidocaine online

Perlane, also known as Restylane Perlane, is a tool to help reduce signs of aging on the skin and to help the skin naturally hydrate itself. We sell Perlane with Lidocaine, which is often used to help reduce wrinkles and lines, therefore creating a more youthful appearance. We package the Perlane with Lidocaine in single 1 ml pre-filled syringes. Common uses include lip enhancements, crater removal, and the combat of fine lines and wrinkles. Due to the combination of the local anesthesia lidocaine and corrective cosmetic fillers, Perlane with Lidocaine is highly popular. This combination allows for a reduction in the quantity of injections per visit, which also reduces the time needed to complete the procedure. Perlane with Lidocaine is another product from Q-Med in Europe.

How to Use Perlane Lidocaine

Perlane is used both for the reduction of signs of aging in the skin and to reverse sun damage on the skin. The skin is unable to fully hydrate itself with age, so Perlane with Lidocaine can be used to help the skin naturally complete this task again, which leads to more elastic, soft, flexible, and youthful looking skin complexions. Perlane with Lidocaine works by not only reducing folds in the skin, but by also increasing hydration to prolong results. For best results, Perlane with Lidocaine applications should be completed once every six months with the results decreasing at about the 5 month and a half mark, as our customers have reported.

Side Effects of Perlane Lidocaine

Perlane with Lidocaine can create some side effects, including swelling, bleeding, and slight bruising around the area of injection. Perlane with Lidocaine is not recommended for patients with excessive allergies or an abundance of hospital stays. These factors could potentially increase the possibility of suffering from side effects or even severe damage to the body. Patients should, as always, consult their doctor before using Perlane with Lidocaine.

Perlane Lidocaine is Guaranteed Authentic.

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