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Haircare Revitacare Mesotherapy

Haircare Revitacare Mesotherapy

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Brand: Haircare ®
Strength: 10 vials x 5ml
Manufacturer: Revitacare
Made in France.

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HAIRCARE REVITACARE is a hair restoring and revitalizing complex made by Revitacare in France. It’s a Mesotherapy product that is injected directly into the scalp where the hair is thinning. It can be used all over the scalp.
It can be applied using a derma roller, meso-gun or injected with a needle.

In what cases does HAIRCARE REVITACARE work best?  
As long as there is still hair present on the scalp (very fine hair or thick hair) HAIRCARE REVITACARE will provide great results.

Does HAIRCARE REVITACARE work on completely bald scalps?
Results are very limited when it comes to completely bald scalps. HAIRCARE REVITACARE delivers its best results when there is still hair existing on the scalp (normally very fine hair), it does so by reviving and restoring the hair follicles.

What does a HAIRCARE REVITACARE box include?
A HAIRCARE REVITACARE box includes 10 vials, each Haircaire vial contains 5ml. (10 vials X 5ml). 
What problems does HAIRCARE REVITACARE treat?
- Hormonal hair loss or hair thinning in men and women.
- Hair loss and hair thinning from stress and fatigue.
- Hair loss and hair thinning from pregnancy.
- Treats excess sebum excretion and very oily scalps.
- Treats dandruff.
Does HAIRCARE REVITACARE treatment require ongoing applications? 
Yes this is a must. Regular treatments are required to achieve optimal results. After several treatments the hair will become noticeably thicker, stronger and glossier.

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