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Top Procedures To Get Over Thirty

 Aesthetic procedure

 The 30s can be a big transitional period for many, particularly in terms of skin. It's the age when some people go through significant life changes, like getting pregnant, while still having to deal with other issues, like adult acne.

 One may experience further changes as a result of changing hormones, including thinning and hyperpigmented skin that occasionally has burst capillaries. So doctors often recommend procedures and treatments intended to stop, or at least delay, these changes.

 The result of all these changes is that treatments are getting a little more expensive and time-consuming, and as opposed to when one is in their twenties, the strategy is now more focused on early correction than on prevention. So what are the benefits of this? Maintaining a solid regimen now will still be beneficial in the future. Here, dermatologists outline the main procedures to take into account as you reach your 30s.

 We have prepared for you a list of doctor-recommended procedures to keep looking younger as the years go by.

Dermal Fillers

 Fillers are worth investing in right now because, as their name implies, they truly add volume to the skin. In your thirties, dermal fillers are a great addition since you lose more volume in your cheeks and develop hollowing around your eyes. Additionally, if you've managed to get neuromodulators to address this, they could need to be expanded to include other regions as well. They’re an ideal solution for wrinkles and imperfections. 


 Over time, collagen becomes more and more valuable and rare. By the time we hit 30, you would have lost roughly 10% of our natural collagen.  Anything that can increase collagen production to counteract that loss is beneficial, and Aquagold fits that bill. The procedure might alternatively be marketed as a Botox and filler facial.

 In order to rejuvenate and tighten the skin, Aquagold uses 24-karat gold needles that are each 600 microns thinner than a human hair strand and 600 microns deeper than the skin. A small number of these substances are practically dispersed throughout the skin, which can affect a larger surface area and result in all-over rejuvenation without downtime.

Rf Therapy

 You might start to see drooping skin in your 30s, but it's probably too early for a facelift. Instead, think about thermage to help the skin regain its suppleness. Thermage is a commercial skin-tightening procedure for the face and body that uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production and tighten, smooth, and contour the skin for a more youthful appearance.


 In order to restructure the collagen in the area and prevent any early indicators of drooping and fine lines, it works by heating the bottom layer of skin, omitting the surface totally. Additionally, it has been shown to be very adaptable, allowing it to be utilized to treat problems from head to toe, including the neck, upper arms, thighs, and more.


 The wonder of microneedling is that it can treat a variety of issues in a single, thorough procedure. Microneedling can tighten your pores, improve fine wrinkles, and stimulate collagen production. Microneedeling can help ensure that your skin stays healthy and will appear more youthful.

It is feasible to add platelet-rich plasma to boost the effects. When returned to the skin via microneedling, the plasma, which is made from your own blood and is rich in reparative growth factors, can aid in skin rejuvenation. All of the aforementioned can be achieved with RF therapy, which is also painless and requires only three sessions spaced one month apart to produce fantastic results.

Fraxel Dual

 Fraxel Dual can treat any issue, including acne scarring and UV damage. The most popular option out there, the Fraxel laser, is used in dermatologist offices and combines two lasers in a single procedure, giving it more adaptability.

One of the great things about the Fraxel is that you can compensate for a reduced surface area, depending on the subject. If you want to address acne scars, you can concentrate more deeply; if you want to target large pores, you can keep it on the surface. In other words, it depends on your objectives. While Fraxel Dual is more expensive than other options for this age group, most patients see results after just a few treatments. Unless there has been significant sun damage, one to three treatments are all that are required to repair sun damage, remove age spots, and improve the health of your skin. 


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