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Privacy Policy

Our Commitment To Privacy
Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our online
information practices and the technologies we use to protect your personal information and data transfer. 


Herein is our privacy policy. Visiting our site means you accept the practices highlighted in this Privacy Notice.


Marxmed’s policy is the provision of world class, reasonably-priced Aesthetic products, wholesale services and cosmetics to customers. As a responsible company providing its products and services, we understand the requirementto keep all customer information highly privileged. We will protect your personal information passed on to us with utmost care. This privacy policy explains the procedure and processes we follow to ensure your information’s confidentiality.


Customers are responsible for giving accurate and only the necessary information. Whenever sensitive information is provided, customers must ensure information transferred is only used for the required purpose and retained confidentially.


In this privacy policy,“we”, “us”, “company” and “our” refer to Marxmed or their business partners and associates (if any exist). The terms “you”, “customer” and “your” refer to Marxmed’s and the website’s visitors who intend to pursue a business relationship with us.


When customers provide us with personal information, it implies they have given their consent to us to store and utilize it for the intended purpose, as stated here.


We withhold the right to modify or amend the privacy policy at any time—as needed. Any modifications will be uploaded on our website. Once notified, the changes will become live 30 calendar days later. Suppose any of the proposed changes are unagreeable to the customer. In that case, they may reach out to us and take control of the information already provided before the effective date of such policies.


Generally, werefrain from collecting information from children or individuals below 18.


We may require the collection of necessary personal information, including your name, mobile number, postal address, Zip code, age, email address, and telephone number. We collect this personal information from you directly and require your consent to use such information.


1. The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act guides how our privacy policy is framed and formulated.
2. This privacy policy applies to all data and information collected from customers and using and disclosing such information by the company.
3. The privacy policy applies to the handling and controlling the data and information in all forms.


1. Information provided by us - We deliver information through email on many interesting topics, including skincare science related areas and health & beauty. Any of this information could include general product information, newsletters, and any other specific detail, as needed by you. We are only able to offer this information with your consent. If you want to subscribe to this information, provided by our website, at any time, you can do so by clicking on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of each email. Alternatively, simply send us an email explaining the request, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

2. Information use –Information provided by the customer is solely used to deliver the best health & beauty products and services – our primary business focus. Some of the information may be used to improve our company’s operations and to increase our communication effectiveness with you. Any users’ information may be copied, printed or transmitted by us, as long as the information is kept confidential and subject to any applicable laws. Under no circumstance will we sell or otherwise distribute customers’ personal contact information, personal data, account purchasing or browsing history, or any other general account information.

3. Data Security –We will undertake reasonable security measures so as to protect customers regarding the storage, retrieval and utilization of information. Under no circumstance will any unauthorized individual(s) be allowed access to any information of a personal nature. We do not share personal information with any third party.

4. Surveys –From time to time, we may host surveys on our website. Participation in any survey is not compulsory. Any personal information that we collect from such surveys will strictly be used to better understand customers’ preferences and to deliver services in line with these preferences. We do not share survey information with third parties.


Our privacy policy, designed to protect customers’ interests, will be implemented as:

1. Responsibility and accountability –We commit to the protection of personal information in our possession. As such, as will deploy professionals with expertise in accountability and protection of safeguarding data.

2. Purpose and information collection –We will first establish the reason for collection before doing so. We will make this purpose available to customers. Any information we collect will strictly be used for identification, and will be done so directly with customers.

3. Customer consent –Our collection of data, plus its subsequent usage, will be achieved exclusively with the customers’ full consent.

4. Information usage –No personal information will be used except for the reason which has been made explicit to the customer. Under no circumstance will information be disclosed to third parties; except unless requested by the customer, or at the behest of law enforcement.

5. Information storage and safeguard – Any information we collect shall be fully maintained, kept up-to-date, and accurate as the intended purpose requires. We commit to protecting data from any unauthorized updating, theft, unauthorized usage, modifications and duplications.

6. Transparency of information stored –This privacy policy will be kept transparent at all times. If we propose any changes, customers will be informed through our website. At any time, customers can request details about the information we hold about them. Through such a request, we will inform customers of the information held, the personnel capable of accessing such information, and why we hold it, within 48 hours.

7. Information deletion request: Customers may request deletion of their personal data, at any time, from our company’s network. In a similar way, if a customer requests account closure, it will automatically delete all customer information.

8. Means of communication –If customers have any queries or issues with this privacy policy, we request they notify us by phone or email.

Cyber Privacy & Data Security using SSL
All the data transmitted through our website is SSL secure. MarxMed uses
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption on all Web-Pages as well as when transmitting critical information
(e.g., financial, payment and contact information). SSL is one of the highest levels of security
(used by banks, and NSA) for online data transmission, and therefore our customers’ data is always secure
and free of cybercrime.

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